Genus Dei S.r.l. is the leading company in and the benchmark for the foodservice equipment market. Our philosophy is synonymous with quality and this makes us unique in the industry. Our company is always ready to offer its customers innovative solutions making available our team of specialized technicians.

We opened our plant in 2008 as a producer of polypropylene trays. These are created with the aim of satisfying the most demanding clients and offering unique characteristics that are singular in their kind. Trays are produced in different sizes and in 40 customizable colors that are ideal for any type of use.

The experience acquired over the years has allowed us to expand our range of products using new methods of distribution and production. Today Genus Dei S.r.l. also offers advanced solutions in the washing of glasses and dishes with its racks. With their extendability in height they can be adapted to any type of glass. Also useful for storing and handling, the racks combine high performance with ease of use.

Continually working to develop new ideas, Genus Dei S.r.l. has leveraged its advancement in the foodservice business by offering new lines of pizza dough cases utilized to store the pizza dough. These are ideal for keeping the mixture cool and carrying it easily.

The main objective of our company was, and still is, to produce and provide customers with products that will last, that are safe and practical to use.

All items are entirely made in Italy. They are made of materials certified for food contact and meet the requirements of European regulations.

Starting from 2009 the company has committed itself every two years to the  participation of one of the most important trade fairs: HOST Fiera Milano (see pictures on the side), to promote its products and to allow its customers to follow the advancement of the company in new productions, in a highly professional context.

Monetti Ristorazione S.r.l. is a company founded in 2018 owned 100% by Genus Dei S.r.l. which was created to manage foreign customers and to develop products for new emerging markets.

In addition, it performs the logistics and shipping service for both companies, ensuring professionalism and efficiency.